Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Enter Vim...

To convert the Traditional Hydrotherapy Hyperhelper stack to HTML, I used Vim, a really great little text editor under Vector Linux.

In the last post I showed the original "Visceral Congestion" card in the "Harvey" stack.

Below is is what it looked like after I'd combined it with cards from the other stacks (You will also see that I've started putting in links to the Effects and Diseases sections, but not the Techniques section yet):

#card @<a href="VisceralCongestion.html">Visceral Congestion</a>
Visceral Congestion

#from from Dr JH Kellogg's Prescriptions...
<a href="../Diseases/Bronchitis.html">Bronchitis</a>
<a href="CardiacInsufficiency.html">Cardiac Insufficiency</a>
<a href="../Diseases/TyphusFever.html">Typhus Fever</a> - 2
<a href="../Diseases/Cholera.html">Cholera</a> - Hot_Blanket Pack then vigorous Cold_Mitten Friction
or Cold_Towel Rub
<a href="../Diseases/Plague.html">Plague</a> - 2
Valvular heart Disease

Treatment Method:
- Cool Abdominal_Compress removed every 2 hours for 15 min of
Fomentations to Abdomen as hot as can be borne
- Electric Light Bath 10-20 min or Sweating Pack 1-2 hours or
Vapor_Bath 6-15 min followed by Wet_Sheet_Rub or Cold_Douche
- Hot_Tub Bath at bedtime 6-10 min followed by prolonged
Neutral_Tub Bath 20-40 min
- Hot_Hip & Leg_Pack followed by Cold_Towel Rub 1-2x a day
- Hot_Blanket Pack 30 min, followed by sweating Wet_Sheet_Pack
1-2 hours 3x a day & ...
- prolonged Neutral_Tub Bath 1-2x a day.
#from from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...
Chronic: see <a href="VisceralInflammation.html">Visceral Inflammation</a> for acute cases
In all the catarrhal diseases - increased mucous ie.
<a href="../Diseases/AcuteGastritis.html">Acute Gastritis</a> & <a href="../Diseases/ChronicGastritis.html">Chronic Gastritis</a>
<a href="../Diseases/ChronicDiarrhoea.html">Chronic Diarrhoea</a>
<a href="Dyspepsia.html">Dyspepsia</a>
<a href="../Diseases/Gastroenteritis.html">Gastroenteritis</a>
<a href="../Diseases/IrritableRectum.html">Irritable Rectum</a>
<a href="BladderInflammation.html">Bladder Inflammation</a>
<a href="../Diseases/Haemorrhoids.html">Haemorrhoids</a>
<a href="../Diseases/Hepatitis.html">Hepatitis</a>
<a href="UterineDisplacements.html">Uterine Displacements</a>
<a href="Cerebro-SpinalCongestion.html">Cerebro-Spinal Congestion</a>

<a href="VisceralInflammation.html">Visceral Inflammation</a>
<a href="VisceralIrritation.html">Visceral Irritation</a> - feeling of heaviness across abdomen

<a href="../Effects/VascularAntiphlogistics.html">Vascular Antiphlogistics</a> & <a href="../Effects/CardiacAntiphlogistics.html">Cardiac Antiphlogistics</a>
- anode Galvanic Current
- cathode Galvanic Current
- Sinusoidal Current
- H&C_Spinal_Pack
- H&C_Gastro-Hepatic Compress - for upper abdomen
- H&C_Intestinal_Compress - for lower abdomen
- Wet_Girdle
- Electric Light Bath
- Wet_Sheet_Rub
- Cold_Towel Rub
- Cold_Mitten Friction
- very hot Epigastric Douche
- Cold_Douche esp if <a href="PassiveCongestion.html">Passive Congestion</a>
- derivative Scotch Douche
- stage III Wet_Sheet_Pack
- Cold_Compress early then Cooling_Compress later
<a href"../Effects/CardiacExcitant.html">Cardiac Excitant</a>
<a href="../Effects/PeripheralCirculatoryTonic.html">Peripheral Circulatory Tonic</a>
<a href="../Effects/Fluxion.html">Fluxion</a>
- Revulsive_Douche esp if chronic congestion
<a href="../Effects/Sudorific.html">Sudorific</a>
<a href="../Effects/Tonic.html">Tonic</a> to restore skin health - very important
<a href="../Effects/Analgesic.html">Analgesic</a> for associated pain
- hot Fan Douche
- Very Hot_Sitz
Also in cardiac diseases:-
<a href="../Effects/CardiacAntiphlogistics.html">Cardiac Antiphlogistics</a>
#from from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...
SYN: acute internal congestion
<a href="../Diseases/AcuteNephritis.html">Acute Nephritis</a>
<a href="Eclampsia.html">Eclampsia</a> in <a href="Pregnancy.html">Pregnancy</a>
<a href="../Diseases/Erysipelas.html">Erysipelas</a>
<a href="Uraemia.html">Uraemia</a>
<a href="../Diseases/PulmonaryCongestion.html">Pulmonary Congestion</a>
acute <a href="../Diseases/Pleurisy.html">Pleurisy</a>
& in early stages of
<a href="../Diseases/Influenza.html">Influenza</a>
<a href="../Diseases/Measles.html">Measles</a>
<a href="../Diseases/ScarletFever.html">Scarlet Fever</a>

<a href="../Effects/Fluxion.html">Fluxion</a>: alternate applications &
mild Diaphoretics followed by tonic cold to send blood to the
skin & retain it there. Use
- Hot_Blanket Pack
- Revulsive_Trunk Pack
- any of the Diaphoretics followed by
- Cold_Mitten Friction
In chronic diseases:
Diaphoretics 2x a week followed by vigorous tonic

In future posts I will show you how I have achieved this with Vim.

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