Monday, March 22, 2010

HTML Finished!

Yep, I finished the most draining part so far yesterday morning.

Now I have just four files
Diseases.html   586,302 kb
Effects.html    138,709
Problems.html   753,148
Techniques.html 519,271

That's nearly 2 Mb... a whole lot of typing!

It was great to have this over. Pretty boring and repetitive, so will probably be riddled with mistakes.

Thanks Steve and other LOGIN folks for the suggestion of HTML Tidy to fix these mistakes. It sounds great but isn't in the Vector repositories. Maybe I'll package it up as I will have to do most of it to install anyway It looks like a fairly straight-forward thing, not too many dependencies.

Next steps in Traditional Hydrotherapy:
1. Getting a valid sample page up.
2. Installing (packaging?) HTML tidy
3. Working out how to quickly create web pages - no doubt it will be those Vim macros again.
4. Seeing how to integrate Vim and HTML tidy (I've got a Vim addon - never used one for Vim).
5. That' enough for now.

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