Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morning Sickness Remedy

Heating Trunk Packs relieve nausea and pain during pregnancy.

More than half of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness but the treatment typically aims "to lessen the symptoms of nausea, rather than attacking the root cause(s) of the nausea" (Wikipedia). This usually means that a mother suffers weeks of discomfort, and sometimes distress, during pregnancy. This can be avoided with hydrotherapy.

Dr Abbott, when talking about severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum), said the Hot and Cold Abdominal Pack is an "almost never-failing remedy".

When she is pregnant my wife has relatively mild morning sickness and used hydrotherapy in her last two pregnancies. One treatment would relieve morning sickness for about two weeks when it would be repeated with similar effects. She has used it on other women with similar results. All of the cases I am aware of were not severe, but they uniformly had relief.

For use at home, the Heating Trunk Pack is the safest and easiest. Because it seems a little complex to the beginner, I wrote up the full procedure. Kellogg says the cause of morning sickness is Celiac Congestion and so the treatments are all Vascular Antiphlogistics any of which would probably work so if you want to modify things then go ahead.

Please leave a comment if this treatment helps you, or someone you love, enjoy their pregnancy without the effects of nausea.

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