Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bringing Traditional Hydrotherapy out of the '80's

"Traditional Hydrotherapy" will soon be in HTML as a group of linked web pages. The original program was started before HTML was widely used and was written, under DOS, using a shareware program, PCWrite. It's main advantage was that it produced documents in plain text which is what I needed for Hyperhelper, the hypertext program that runs the original DOS programe.

Hyperhelper compiled a text file with fairly simple markup, into a hypertext stack. One of its strengths is that it doesn't need links to be marked up, as they are in HTML. The links work much like wiki words, if you have the same spelling you can just put your cursor on the word and click or and it will take you to the card of that name. Great for quick writing especially with word completion and shortcuts etc in PC Write.

Here is a short example of a short Hyperhelper stack. As you can see the structure is fairly basic

Once the Hyperhelper program was compiled you could distribute the stack. You can download the original "Traditional Hydrotherapy" stack. But you will have to run it on DOS or something like DOSBox.

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