Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Traditional Hydrotherapy under DOS

The original Traditional Hydrotherapy program, running under DOS, had the same contents as the new one will, with a couple of major differences:
  1. The old program was ugly. The new one will be more presentable (A pretty face counts)
  2. The old one was spread over 6 files. The new one will be linked web pages.

Here is a screenshot of the TH "Address card" running in DOSBox on Linux:

I warned you it was ugly!

Notice the six sections; from HYDRO! down to QUOTES. There are many doubles with cards on the same subject in each section. To find all you needed on any particular topic you had to search each section. I did it like this to overcome limit that Hyperhelper had on the number of cards in a stack. Also each section was from different authors or books.

Here is a screenshot of the original program open to "Visceral Congestion" in the Problems section of John:


The markup for the card "Visceral Congestion", looked like this after I'd finished with PCWrite:

#card @Visceral_Congestion
Typhus Fever - 2
Cholera - Hot_Blanket Pack then vigorous Cold_Mitten Friction
or Cold_Towel Rub
Plague - 2
Valvular heart Disease

Treatment Method:
- Cool Abdominal_Compress removed every 2 hours for 15 min of
Fomentations to Abdomen as hot as can be borne
- Electric Light Bath 10-20 min or Sweating Pack 1-2 hours or
Vapor_Bath 6-15 min followed by Wet_Sheet_Rub or Cold_Douche
- Hot_Tub Bath at bedtime 6-10 min followed by prolonged
Neutral_Tub Bath 20-40 min
- Hot_Hip & Leg_Pack followed by Cold_Towel Rub 1-2x a day
- Hot_Blanket Pack 30 min, followed by sweating Wet_Sheet_Pack
1-2 hours 3x a day & ...
- prolonged Neutral_Tub Bath 1-2x a day.

In the next few posts, I'll take you through the process of converting a Hyperhelper stack into HTML, using this card, "Visceral Congestion", as the example.

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